A Call for Prayer and Fasting

One of our ministry partners, Rob Westbrook, had the following laid on his heart this week.  We are joining with him in this call for prayer and fasting.  Please read and consider partnering with us as we call to God and believe.

As I was reading my Bible yesterday I found myself reading Nehemiah’s prayer in Nehemiah chapter 1 and was moved at how 1 man’s prayer for for his people changed everything for them and brought God’s favor on them again. Later I saw a scripture  posted on Facebook, Ezekiel 36:26, and was amazed by the promises God made to his people. Then I saw where Matthew Lilley called for a 40 day media fast(no facebook, internet etc.).  Then it struck me!  I felt a little nudge by the Holy Spirit to fast and pray for healing.

You see, my wife Lisa has been suffering with neurological issues for almost two years and we have other friends who are suffering too.  Some are struggling with cancer, some with addictions, others with spiritual needs, financial needs and on and on and on.  On Sunday, Lisa had a nasty episode that caused us to call an ambulance and take her to the ER.  It scared me to death!  I thought she was having a stroke.  She is ok now thanks to the prayer of friends and family and the grace of God.

So yesterday I was moved to fast and pray for her healing, the healing of our friends and family, and nation.  I am going to stand in the gap, as an intercessor, and I call you to do the same.  I believe that if we stand as one before the Father, that He will hear our prayers and answer them in supernatural ways!

I am asking you to stand with me starting Sunday, March 20th, and fast and pray for 3 days specifically for healing, any healing.  Be willing to stand in the gap for someone whether it be a loved one, your nation, the people of Japan, but just stand for someone.  Feel free to forward this to your friends and spread this call for prayer and fasting across the planet!

~ Rob Westbrook

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